About Tom Ford

I Support

  1.  Regional Services by County not by Town including Fire, Police, EMT, Education, DMV, Public Works, etc. This would save the State and Towns nearly 1.4 Billion Dollars in the first four years.
  2. The legalization of Recreational Marijuana.
  3.  A State monitored Global Network of CEO’s and CFO’s to recruit Companies to locate to Connecticut in creating Jobs in Technology and Manufacturing.
  4.  Electronic Tolls with exception of Connecticut Passenger Vehicles.
  5.  Abolishing the State Income Withholding Tax.
  6. Abolishing of Sales Tax on all Clothing and Food.
  7. Development of any Casino that brings Jobs and Tourism.
  8. Free two year College programs for Connecticut Residence.
  9. Free Lunches for all Schools, Kindergarten through Eighth grade.
  10. Secured medical and pension plans for all First Respondents.
  11. Collective Bargaining
  12. Urbanization funding for Development of housing and business, as well as existing businesses in all of Connecticut’s Cities.
  13. The development of a 21st Century monorail system that would run from Bradley International Airport to Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Danbury, and Waterbury.
  14. Diversity for all, and those laws that protect it.

Please cast your vote for me in November as your next Connecticut Governor

Thank you